I benefitted immensely from my twelve week Feldenkrais session with Jane Ella. (fibromyalgia and sciatic nerve pain).  I was amazed at how much more flexibility I had after each class.  Each class was a complete lesson in itself.  So if you missed a week, you could easily fit back into the class.  Jane Ella was always
very alert to my medical issues and needs as I tried each exercise.  She knows her stuff
       ~ Karen Childers, musician, grandmother

     I had begun to stoop and no amount of "stand up straight" changed my posture.  I could find no one who made any sense concerning this  problem.  (And there were plenty of nonsensical theories which I immediately discarded.)  I had heard about the benefits of Feldenkrais and found that Jane Ella was a practitioner in Greenville.  Her attitude and calm assurance made me want to try her system.
     With just one session I could tell the difference and I am now very proud of my stance!
I know more sessions are necessary so that my muscles do not revert but I am also able to obtain benefits because of Jane Ella's wonderful do-it-yourself instructions
     ~ Dorothy Johnson, gardener, CPA (retired)


        I am always amazed and thankful for Jane Ella's intuitive sessions.  I am usually a bundle of nerves, but she can detangle all of that and send me home with a lesson about how I can move more freely.  To me, this is lasting health care. 
        ~Trudy Fuller, singing teacher


Jane Ella's talent goes far beyond the technical prowess of her work.  She has a gift for bringing peace and silence to a space and then helps her clients connect with these qualities within themselves.
     Jane Ella has been instrumental in bringing hope to our family.  She has helped both myself and my 4-year-old special needs daughter by helping us establish healthier and more natural patterns of movement. She has repeatedly alleviated my aches and pains from running, and from carrying my toddler.  For my daughter, she has taught her different ways of interacting with her world and being in her body, when other modalities ceased to promote change.
     ~ Michele Shusterman, mother of child with cerebral palsy

 Jane Ella Matthews, M.Ed,
  FeldenkraisĀ® Practitioner