Jane Ella Matthews, M.Ed,
  FeldenkraisĀ® Practitioner

Customized Classes:

Would you like an ATM class created just for you and others who share your needs and interests? I can do that for you!
Here are a few examples:

    - Musicians, performing artists.
    - Athletes (golf, swimming, tennis, hiking...)
    - Yoga or meditation groups.
    - Office workers / computer users.
    - Caregivers
- Challenges related to aging (posture,
      bone strength, mobility issues,
   - Support groups for individuals with
      special needs (arthritis, MS stroke, visual
       - Children with special needs.                                              

I can accomodate small groups of 3-5 students in my studio, or larger groups at another public facility. The fee is based upon the number enrolled. Please contact me to discuss specific details.
(864)918-9281        jemtt1@icloud.com